PMV continues to ignore the communities and municipal councils who are concerned about the negative impacts of the Terminal 2 development.

Local councils, community and environmental organizations and residents have repeatedly raised concerns with PMV including:
• Increased air pollution from more truck and train traffic and their health impacts.
• Traffic congestion and gridlock caused by increases in port truck traffic and resulting in increased travel times and costs for residents.
• Port expansion puts increased pressure on valuable agricultural lands.
• The far reaching impacts of the Terminal 2 project on land use, transportation and the environment in the region.
• Increased noise pollution, light pollution and light spill.
• Property values threatened by loss of natural areas and impacts of industrial development.
• Increased tax dollars spent on port-related infrastructure and services.
• Need for a comprehensive cumulative impacts assessment that addresses the effects of all projects in the region.
• Effects of increased marine shipping on wildlife and residents of the islands along shipping routes.
• Fuel burning and pollution from increased number of vessels in ports and along shipping routes
• Failure to consider the 2008 Federal Government study that recommended developing container capacity in Prince Rupert before making further investments in port infrastructure in Vancouver.

PMV has repeatedly taken the position that it is not responsible for any impacts beyond the immediate port footprint and thus refuses to even discuss many of these issues.